28″ Rider Auto Scrubber


Solution Tank: 26 gal (98 L)
Recovery Tank: 26 gal (98 L)
Brush/Pad Diameter: 14 in (355 mm)
Brush/Pad Pressure: 77 lb (35 kg)
Squeegee Width: 37 in (940 mm)
Sound Pressure Level: 69 dB A
Brush Speed: 204 rpm
Brush Motor: 2 x 300 W
Vacuum Motor: 3 Stages 500 W
Max Speed: 3.7 mph (6 km/h)
Cleaning Width: 28 in (710 mm)
Battery Type: 6 V 245 Ah AGM (4 pcs.)
Battery Compartment Size: 13.2 in x 19 in x 11.8 in (336 mm x 482 mm x 300 mm)
Net Weight (Empty Tanks, with Batteries): 771.6 lb (350kg)
Max Loading Weight: 959 lb (435kg)
Packaging Size: 68.11 in x 31.89 in x 55.5 in (1,730 mm x 810 mm x 1,410 mm)
Dimensions (L x W x H): 62.2 in x 29.9 in x 48.4 in (1,580 mm x 760 mm x 1,230 mm)


  • Ease to use, one touch scrubbing and simple dash layout
  • Four solution flow rates for a variety of applications
  • Large recovery tank opening for easy clean out
  • Maintenance-free AGM batteries and onboard charger standard

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